A Hand Planer Is Just Part Of A Woodworkers Toolbox


hand planer3A hand planer is used by a woodworker to shape and style a specific piece of wood from a particular project.

There are other tools, however, that a woodworker will use to finish their task like something to cut wood with.

Without each and every device doing its part, a hand made table would always be a lump of wood.

The Planer

A hand planer, or wood planer, is used to shape and style a piece of wood. By hand motion, with swift forward motion, the device slides across a wooden surface and slowly pieces shreds of wood are planed using a sharp metal blade on one side. In order to plane the opposite side of the wood, one must flip the piece over or move around the object being worked on.

When this device was first created over 100 years ago, it was only usable by hand. Wood planers, however, now come in a machine version using electricity. These get the job down much faster than by hand, unfortunately, the machine does have a downfall.

A electric planer can sometimes leave divots in the wood because the piece of wood is feed into the machine improperly. This is why many people still stand by the traditional handheld one.

Sandpaper For All Those Rough Edges

After planing, sawing, and constantly working on a wood based project, it will need to be sanded down. This is because it will be full of rough edges from be handled so much. Sandpaper is available in all shapes, sizes, and grit depending on what you are attempting to sand down.

Remember if you want to pant or stain a project, you will have to make sure that it is sanded first. There are a few ways to go about this. If you are sanding some small, like a bird house, you can do it by hand. If you are sanding a table, you may want to to the legs by hand and the top with an electric sander. The choice is yours.

A Nail Punch

A nail punch is a metal rod that is square at one end and edged at the other. After nailing in a nail with a hammer you place the edged end of the nail punch on the nail. Tip the punch upward and hit the blunt end with a hammer. You want to use this to hammer in the nail passed the wood surface. This way, you can fill in the divot and you will never see where the nails were when your project is complete.

A hand planer is one of many tools used while working on a wood based project. In the end with the right tools your craftsmanship will pay off and you will have a finished piece that looks breathtaking.



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