A Milling Trick, You Have Got To See This!


Milling machines3Milling machines are responsible for using rotary cutters to remove materials from a work-piece which is advancing in a direction, at an angle, with the axis of your tool.

This machine covers a pretty large range of different machines and operations weighed on different scales anywhere from light, individual parts to the more heavy milling.

This is one of the most common processes in machine shops and industries which machine parts to precise shapes and sizes.

Want To See A Trick?

If you are a professional, than you may already know this trick, but for most beginners, you will probably end up just as excited about it as I was.

A friend told me about this, and I have got to say–it is hands down one of the most time-saving tricks I have ever learned! If you are just working out of your garage, or just like to machine as a hobby, you should check this out!

Typically, to square up my vice to the table, and then put a test indicator in the quill. Then, I run the table back and forth a bunch of times tapping it as needed until I get it square enough.

Afterwards, I clamped a chunk of aluminum to the table, and squared it up really accurately with the test indicator, and then put the vice upside down and clamped on to the aluminum.

I cut a 5/8 key-way slot into the vice, that way whatever I want to set my vice on now is able to be dropped onto the table, and will sit nice in the T-slots (by the way, I ran a 5/8 cutter, just to clean up) so it is nicely bolted down and I never have to mess with the test indicator again!

I hope you have found this as entertaining as I have, I am really excited about it!

I would recommend anyone who enjoys machining or just wants to try something new to give this trick a shot! While

I am sure that most professionals have done this before–or at least heard of this trick, I really believe that most people who are just getting into machining or just do it every once in a while for fun, this is something that will help you–it really helped me!

Now I move around the garage like a pro (or at least I like to think so)! You do not have to use aluminum, that is just all I had lying around at the time.

I imagine it would work with just about anything, especially metals that are much more dense. Either way, check it out, and remember to have fun!



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