A Wood Planer Is Just Part Of A Whole Woodworking Shop


wood planer3A wood planer is a tool that is used to flatten pieces of wood to get them the right size and shape.

Years ago planers were composed only of wood and were a handheld tool.

Now, with the advancement of technology, a planer can be electric and can come in all shapes and sizes.

However, many other tools are necessary in a woodworking shop.

Wood Planer

Often times a wood planer is called a thickness planner. This is because a planer is used to change the actually thickness of a piece of wood by hand motion or electricity.

An electric planer works by running a piece of wood through the machine and it is planed down on one side by a cutter head. The board would have to be removed and flipped over to be planed on the other side.

One of the downfalls to using a planing machine is that sometimes when a piece of wood goes through the machine a deep groove can be cut into the wood surface.

This cannot be fixed and a new piece of wood has to be started. This occurs when someone feeds a piece of board into the machine incorrectly. This is why many woodworkers prefer the use of handheld planers over machine ones.

Table Sander and Belt Sander

When you are working with wood, you will have rough edges that will need to be sanded down. Depending on what type of project you making, you can trying using just a piece of sand paper.

However, for larger projects like tables or dressers you will need something with more power and more efficiency.

A table and belt sander uses a closed loop of sand paper around a pair of drums that travel at a fast speed. On of these drums is being driven by some sort of motor and the other keeps tension on the sand paper so it does not fall off.

There are various different sizes of sand paper and sanders you can purchase depending on what type of projects you intend to do.

Air Compressor

Unless you plan on using handheld woodworking tools, you will need an air compressor. Anything like an air power nail gun, drill, or sander will need to run off an air compressor.

Again, depending on what type of projects you want to take on will decide how powerful a compressor you need to purchase.

Perhaps you may need one that is portable to move from place to place or a larger capacity one for a large shop at home.

The wood planer is a great woodworking tool for any workshop. It is necessary to have because it fine tunes the shape of a piece of wood before it can become a masterpiece. Just do not forget all the other things you will need in your shop as well.



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