Adding An Outdoor Storage Shed To Your Backyard


outdoor storage shed3If you are considering adding an outdoor storage shed to your backyard, know that building one of these wooden units can be a wise and useful addition and investment to your existing property.

The advantages of adding one of these structures include:


Storage is the main function of these units. They are wonderful areas to store items such as seasonal holiday decorations, garden tools and equipment, outdoor furniture, bicycles, and other items that do not fit in your garage or home.


Safety is also an issue. Flammables such as gas and oil can be stored away from the main structure, reducing the incidence of injury to the family or damage to home.


These sheds can be built to match or enhance the house or other outdoor structures. Keeping architectural elements the same will tie the yard and home together.

Wooden structures can be painted to match the surroundings. Trim and even windows can be added to give the structure a less utilitarian appearance and blend it in even more with the main house.

Adding a shed to your yard can actually enhance your landscaping scheme.

Planting similar flowers and other foliage around it similar to the ones around the house and remainder of the yard will help it blend in with the surroundings.

Small touches such as stepping stones or a tiny front porch will add character and charm to a plain structure.

Issues to consider when purchasing or building this structure include:


Most homeowners will have the building placed at the back of the yard. Position the structure where it is convenient for you.

If using it for gardening tools and equipment, it is imperative that it is close to the growing beds. If storing off-season patio furniture inside, place the building where this can be easily done.

Also consider the placement of the doorway. If you do not want it opening and closing where guests can see all of your stacked and stored belongings, position the door away from the house and other gathering areas such as the patio or playground area.


One mistake homeowners often make with their new storage sheds is installing doorways that are too small.

Think ahead to future purchases such as a riding lawnmower, a four-wheeler, or a large patio seating area that will need to be stored in the winter.

Adding a larger entrance during construction can save time, money and frustration in the future.

Outdoor storage sheds can be a real bonus for any homeowner. They will add value to the property as well as keep unsightly items hidden and safe.

Making the structure blend in with the existing buildings will give it an appeal that will greatly add to the comfort of the outdoor area and the re-sale value of the entire property.



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