Building With Wine Rack Plans


Wine Rack Plans3When you have a large collection of wines, and wish to build a structure which will store them carefully, it is time to consider wine rack plans.

While you could design your own wine rack, so many pre – packaged plans exist, it is far more practical to choose one of them; no doubt, you will find one that suits your needs and tastes.

What To Consider When Choosing A Plan

First and foremost, wine connoisseurs recommend bottles be stored in a horizontal position. That is so the cork will be constantly saturated, preventing it from drying. This also makes a particular wine easier to identify, and to remove for serving.

An added bonus is that a horizontal wine rack is easier to build. Speaking of building – for safety reasons, the rack must be solidly secure. Someone unused to working with wood should get assistance from a professional.

After that, it’s all personal. How many bottles of wine do you wish to store? Where do you plan on having the rack – in a cellar, or on display? Do you want it mounted on a wall, placed on a table top, or sitting on the floor? What are your personal tastes regarding beauty?

Where to Buy the Plans

They can be bought at any home improvement store, or online, at reasonable cost. Some places even provide plans for free. You can also purchase kits, complete with all the materials you need. Buying a ready – made kit is much less hassle than having to hunt all over the place to buy materials individually.

How To Build A Wine Rack

If you purchase a kit, it comes with all the materials you need, and the boards already cut to specs. You only have to assemble the pieces together; directions are included as to how to do this. If you’re building from scratch, be sure to choose hardwood planks that are inch thick, and measure the circles according to the size of your wine bottles; make sure you cut the circles a little larger. Also, glue your joints before nailing them, so they will be sturdier.

True, one could always skip the hassle and buy a wine rack. However, these tend to be more expensive, so there is an advantage of building it yourself – plus you can enjoy the process, and revel in your creation after you’re done.

Carefully considering wine rack plans, and choosing the right one, will result in a beautiful show piece that will serve you well for years to come.



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