CNC Lathe Puts The Emphasis On Design


CNC lathe3Craftsmanlike projects or multi-piece production can both benefit from the workshop assistant that is the CNC lathe.

Setting up templates and piece-by-piece production make the lathe one of the most labor-intensive tools in the workshop.

Using computer control, a CNC-based machine can take a personalized design and create one piece after another for a pair of candlesticks or dozens of balusters for an elegant staircase.

This versatile tool can free the woodworker for creating the perfect project, whether custom furniture or home renovation.

Eliminating Tool Rest Time

Time spent at the tool rest forming a piece on the lathe is basically time spent following a pattern for most woodworkers.

To turn an entire staircase worth of parts on a manual lathe can take forever. The alternative is purchased parts, which may not be an option for restorations or custom designs, or hiring a better equipped shop to produce the pieces.

A CNC lathe can produce those parts with care and a minimum amount of time spent guiding the tool. Even for smaller numbers of pieces, producing intricate designs can be time consuming as well.

For many craftsmen, reducing lathe time is also a health advantage for feet, back, arms, hands and more.

Innovative or Traditional Designs

Computer-guided tools have opened new possibilities for industry and craftsmen.

The designs are created on a computer using a visual design program, in some cases allowing artists to create works that would have been challenging or impossible to produce by hand.

Computer programs use expert knowledge of the tools and materials to produce quality work in a short time.

Traditional or period patterns are easy to reproduce for restorations or new construction, and architects are not limited to available parts and materials but can specify the exact shape and type of wood to be used.

Make It Your Own

Taking the time and labor out of lathe work allows more woodworkers to create whatever they can imagine. Even wood sculptors may find the additional help gives them the breathing room to bring a vision to life.

Using a computer program designed for machine operators, craftsmen and woodworkers can put their own creative ideas into a set of tool directions and watch as their work is expertly and efficiently carved.

With reduced project times there is a lot more that’s possible, and key elements such as balusters and even ornamental pieces, projects for the table or the display case are all within reach.

The CNC lathe, like the addition of power tools to the workshop, is changing how woodworking is done.



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