Consider Wood Veneer Sheets For Your Next Project


Wood Veneer Sheets3The production of high quality wood veneers is an intricate process that begins with high quality logs.

The logs are carefully debarked and then soaked to soften the wood fibers.

The logs are then sliced very thinly. Different slicing methods yield different grain effects.

Veneer can be produced with flat, rift, or rotary slicing methods.

Regardless of the method used, the order of the sheets is carefully managed to maintain the grain of the finished veneer sheets. The sliced sheets are then dried, again maintaining the order.

The sheets of wood are sometimes applied to a substrate, such as a lower quality wood panel or paper backing.

Finished veneer sheets are carefully graded for quality and can be purchased in a variety of sizes suitable for both industrial and home use. In addition to traditional wood veneers, engineered veneer products are available.

Engineered veneers are reconstituted using different colors of base wood and laying them into intricate and realistic wood grain patterns. These engineered veneer production methods can be used to create simulations of rare and unsustainable exotic woods.

Why Choose Wood Veneer Over Solid Wood?

In the past wood veneers gained a poor reputation for quality. Mass production of low quality furniture using veneers most likely contributed to this negative perception. But veneers have been used for centuries in the manufacture of beautiful furniture and other items of the highest quality. There are many reasons to consider using veneers rather than solid woods:

-Appearance: Finer quality wood grains can be found in veneers than solid wood. Gorgeous exotic woods become realistic options when using veneers. Decorative patterns and inlays can be added to a project using veneers.

-Durability: Solid wood is subject to warping and cracking in conditions where proper humidity isn’t maintained. Veneer finishes can stabilize substrates that may be prone to humidity damage.

-Value: Using fine solid woods of the same quality as veneers can be prohibitively expensive for many projects.

-Sustainability: Using substrates of lower quality materials, made from recycled sawdust, finished with high quality veneer allows the production of beautiful finished products with far less waste of precious wood resources.

Wood Veneer Projects

Wood veneer is perfect for refacing cabinets, giving your kitchen or bathroom a fresh look without costly replacement of the base cabinet units. It’s flexibility makes it useful for adding curves and other features not possible for most woodworkers when using solid woods.

Wood veneers can be used to easily add interesting patterns or designs to furniture of other projects. Wood veneers can be used to give new life to old furniture. The possibilities are endless.

Wood veneer sheets are manufactured to the highest standards and provide affordable, attractive and sustainable options for your next woodworking project.



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