Create Your Perfect Swing With Porch Swing Plans


Porch Swing Plans3Every porch deserves a swing and there are porch swing plans available for you to try your hand at building if you want to enjoy a woodworking project that is fun and relaxing to do.

Are you ready to turn your porch into a truly comfortable space for you to sit out and watch as the cars drive past or birds flock into your yard?

Why a Porch Swing?

A porch swing somehow makes a porch look more inviting. They are comfortable and the gentle swinging motion can be very relaxing.

They make a rustic home have a more rustic appeal and they make a modern home look classier. Kids love rocking in them and adults enjoy it as well. Perhaps instead of asking why, perhaps you should ask why not.

Plans for a Swing

You can find plenty of porch swing ideas and plans on the internet or in various woodworking books. You can choose from basic box wooden swings to swings with intricate detailing. You just have to decide which style of swing you want to see hanging from the roof of your porch.

Some people like the basic boxy type swing. They are simple to build for new woodworkers. All boards are straight cut using basic measurements. Other people want a swing that is curvier.

The rolled edge on the seat and the back, perhaps a dip to help you stay in place on the swing, can ensure that you always have a comfortable spot on the swing. This type is more complicated to build but if you are up for the challenge, there are many plans for you to choose from.

Unique Porch Swing Ideas

If you like the idea of a swing but you would prefer to not have something “traditional” there are also plans for you available. These plans may be anything from a porch swing that looks like two separate to swings attached at the seat or a bed swing for your front porch.

Your swing can have cut outs in the back, a drink holder in the middle between the two seats, decorative arm rests, or a higher than normal back if the people in your family are tall. You can make a swing with a larger seat if you want to add cushions or big fluffy pillows to your porch swing.

When you build a porch swing for yourself using porch swing plans the sky is the limit and you can turn it into anything you want it to be.



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