Deck Design – Things To Consider


deck design3An outside deck is a fantastic garden feature to have, so if you’re building a new one here are some deck design considerations you might want to think about.

What are you going to use it for?

When the weather is good a deck is a great space to socialize, so when first start thinking about the deck design, don’t think of it as an area of your backyard or garden to be filled with a feature, think about it as if it’s a room in your house and plan the layout accordingly.

Think about what you are going to be using this new “room” for. Is it going to used as a kitchen area with a BBQ and grill, is it a space where you plan to eat, like a dining area or a place to sit and relax, like a living area?

Your new decks function will help you to decide how big it needs to be and how much furniture you can put on it. If you plan on cooking you’ll need enough deck space to make sure it’s safe.

Mother Nature

You’ll need to think about Mother Nature too. Sun, wind and rain will all have an effect on your new deck so you’ll need to think about protecting it and your guests.

If you build it in an area that gets a lot of sun, putting up a trellis can provide some welcome shade and shelter from the affects of sunlight on the wood. Shadows cast by a trellis are pleasant to look at and can add to the aesthetics of your design.

The wind is another element that needs to be considered. You might need to block it with some glass panels, which won’t spoil your view, or you might like to funnel it to create a nice breeze across the deck with some strategically placed fencing.

Think about the rain too, you are going to get some, so maybe it’s worth considering putting up a roof over part of the deck to protect cooking areas.

Or perhaps you could always use something temporary like a big umbrella, so that when the sun comes back out you can take it down.

Lighting and safety

Adding lighting to your deck really gives it a feel of style and luxury. In your design, try hiding the light source and direct the light onto objects. Low level lighting is best.

Check your building codes before you start though, there may be restrictions that you’ll need to consider, particularly safety codes.

It’s always a good idea to put up railings anyway and they are a great way of designing in segmented deck areas.

Having a decked area is a great added feature to any garden space; just remember to consider a few things when you’re drawing your deck design.



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