Designing With Router Tools


router tool3Almost any crafter or builder, in their lifetime, will have the need for a router tool.

Not everyone understands what they are or how they work but once you get the hang of it the routing possibilities are endless.

Routers are used for so many different things you will wonder how you got along without them.

Working with wood can become extremely frustrating when you can’t get the shapes you want with chisels or traditional saws and drills.

If you want to create a curved edge for a cabinet doors or hone out dovetails on the edge of your piece, a router will make your work simple and professional in no time at all.

Given simple guidelines and the right accessories it won’t be long before you are creating beautiful pieces of art out of the once plain and boxy wood planks.

Router Guides:

A guide for your router can be an essential accessory when trying to create an effect that need to be in a straight line. Guides come as attachments to your router or sometimes a whole table top.

The guides themselves can come with templates for designs and shapes and end up doing most of the work for you.

A guide is also essential if you plan on creating several pieces that are to look the same. You can produce the same results over and over again with ease.

Router Blades:

Now here is where it gets fun. Router blades come in so many variety of shapes they often come in packs instead of being sold individually.

You can find blades that cut round edges, triangle edges and all with dips and curves to please the eye and make you and your house the center of attention among your peers.

Just one look at the blades in your hardware store should excite the senses and bring your creativity to the forefront of the show.

Of course you will want your blades to be made of a good material to be used again and again without wearing out.

With your router decked out in all its accessories you can create inlays in your wood panels, cut rounded and decorative edges to a picture frames, door molding, and baseboards and even give your wood crafts a zing that would be sure to sell.

So put your chisels aside, put the drills and saws on hold and give your projects the flare you desire with router tools.



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