Do You Have The Right Cordless Drills For Your Workplace?


Cordless Drills3It is vital to ensure that you have the right cordless drills for your workplace. 30 years ago the idea of a cordless drill would have been laughable.

Cords would not be long enough and you would have to switch from plug-in to plug-in.

Consider theses few tips to make sure your drill passes the test.

A Good Battery

Make sure all your drills have batteries that will re-charge and hold a new charge. It is the charge in the battery that you will depend on when you need get a job done. You will start to notice when a battery goes bad, or starts to lose charge, because you drill will start to loss power and make a whining noise.

Keep new batteries in stock for your drills just in case one is dropped or crushed on the job. Remember any drill that is not in use because of a battery issue is less work that is being accomplished by that drill. So thinking ahead of time will keep everything running smoothly. If you are building a house, getting behind can be a nightmare.

Speed and Power

Cordless drills can be purchased in a range of different speeds from 9.7 volts to 24 volts. How fast or slow you choose to buy your drill depends upon what projects you plan to use it for. If you are a carpenter you will obviously need multiple types of drills compared to the individual at home wanting hang a medicine cabinet.

A smaller handheld cordless drill with a bendable neck would be perfect for the simple home owner. This type of drill has just enough power to do all the odd jobs around the house. If you are a little more hands on than the average individual, you could purchase something with more zing.

Mandatory Features

There are a few mandatory features you will want to make sure that your drills have to be consider superb drills. First, a drill should have the reversible motor. This will allow you to screw something in and then back it out if it is in sideways. If your drill does not have this options you would have to do it the old fashioned way with a screwdriver.

Second, check to see if your drill has a dual speed motor. The high low function, like on a hair dryer, is like two drills in one. You can use the slower speed for drilling through softer material and the higher material for the tough jobs. Third, an adjustable clutch is a perfect feature to ensure that screws are not screwed too far into a surface.

Making sure that you have the right cordless drills will a good battery, the right features, and perfect speed will ensure you get you work completed with ease.



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