Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home With Wide Plank Flooring And Help Save The World


wide plank flooring3The installation of wide plank flooring in your home can not only enhance its beauty but can add great value as well.

Visitors to your home will be amazed when they see the beautiful cherry red timber floor as you invite them in.

Of course there are many colours and styles to choose from but regardless of the one you select, you and your family will love the elegance and warmth of a timber floor.

There a few things to do before calling your local supplier which could save you a lot of time and money

First you need to decide which parts of the floor plan you are going to cover. Will it be the whole house or just some selected areas, like the entry hall and main living space?

Perhaps it will be the dining area too, or maybe, you want to test the waters and just do a bedroom or a spare room.

If you are a DIY kind of person it could be a good option to start with something small before jumping right in with the whole project.

On the other hand you can rely on your local supplier to point you in the right direction for an experienced installer.

Next it would be a good idea to visit a number of suppliers and showrooms to gauge the style, colours and quality of the products available. And of course the price.

Its a fairly simple process to work out the cost per square foot or metre and multiply that by the area you intend to cover. If you are going to use an installer, ask if they charge extra for moving furniture around the house.

If you are planning to do it yourself, have a plan of how and when each room will be done. Can you move the furniture easily by yourself? Perhaps you could invite some hunky friends over to help and throw on a barbecue when you’re done.

The third thing you need to be aware of is something that a lot of people don’t know about. No matter how much money you spend on even the highest quality flooring money buy, the colour of the wide plank flooring will darken with time and exposure to ultra violet light.

Its a slow process and will take some years but because timber is a natural product it will react with sunlight.

So if you intend to place a nice expensive rug on your beautiful timber floor, just remember to move it around occasionally or even roll it up and store it during the summer months. The last thing you need is darker timber areas in your main living space.

Oh, I nearly forgot. As I just mentioned, timber is a product of nature and we all know that timber comes from trees. And trees breathe. Yes, that’s right. They breathe in carbon dioxide.

This is the same carbon dioxide pumped out by factories and cars all over the world. The carbon dioxide that trees breathe in stays in the timber for ever even when it is turned into tables and chairs, bed frames, furniture, house frames and shingle roofs.

So, by installing some wide plank flooring in your home you can do your bit towards helping the environment and to help save the world.



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