Explore All The Varieties Of Dark Wood Floors


Dark Wood Floors3Whether you are building a new house, or updating your existing home, dark wood floors have become a popular design choice.

Before you head out to shop for new flooring, there are several factors to consider including width, material and matching the decor in your home.

The following information can guide your decision making:

Know if you are buying solid wood, engineered or laminate

Choosing the material can be based on a few factors: where the wood is being installed, personal preference and return on investment. Engineered choices are often used in high moisture areas. They are actually hardwood layers with a backing of MDF or plywood.

Solid wood flooring is milled from solid wood and sometimes comes unfinished to be stained with the color the homeowner decides. While they are durable and may look like wood floors, laminate choices are fiber core board designed to mimic the appearance of wood.

These materials will also vary widely by price, so if budget is a consideration you will want to look at all the options.

Choose between wide plank or narrow plank

While many older homes have beautiful wood flooring that can be stained lighter or darker, those planks are generally narrow. Although there are narrow styles available on the market today, the recent trends have been wider planks for creating a more rustic look.

Strip flooring is the actually the most narrow option with a width usually under three inches, while three to five inches is often standard, and anything over five inches is considered wide plank.

If you are working with a designer, utilize their expertise on which choices can make a smaller room look larger or what works with the architecture of your home.

Matching dark wood flooring with decor

When it comes to coordinating flooring with decor, dark stained wood floors have been a popular choice in many rooms of the home. In the kitchen, they can be easily paired with dark stained cabinets, or matched up with white cabinets for contrast.

In other rooms, the paint and trim are factors in how the floors are incorporated into the decor. One additional consideration is the finish on the flooring, there are regular styles, distressed looks and hand-scraped options on the market.

Walking into a flooring showroom there may be hundreds of choices to choose from in a variety of sizes. If you have been considering dark wood floors, explore the styles that work with your current decor.



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