Finding The Best Wood Routers


Are you searching for the best wood router for your carpentry work? Well, finding one isn’t a walk in the park. With hundreds of brands and models of wood routers to choose from, it is hard to pinpoint a particular model that will deliver the best services. This problem is usually very common among beginners. However, with prior knowledge, you can easily navigate this problem. If you are looking for the best wood router that will serve you with the best efficiency, you might want to stick around, i will be saving you the hassle of purchasing a low grade wood router. Without further ado, let me give you some useful information that will guide you in the right direction to finding the best wood router.

How to Choose the Best Wood Router

Price isn’t a great determinant of quality especially when fraudsters and dishonest vendors are invading the market. If you want the best wood router, begin by word of mouth. Your friends, businessmen, workmates and even relatives might have some useful information. Ask them about the most reliable wood router brands. Some vendors have established their names and they would like it that way- maintain their trust. Once you have the brand names, visit your vendor to find out more information before purchasing it.

Having some prior knowledge will be useful when you visit your vendor. This will enable you to scale down on a particular router. You should also have in mind that most reliable wood routers have a product warranty. No manufacturer would stand behind a product that would be a let down to the customer! Thus, you should insist on buying guaranteed wood routers for your woodwork.

Having brought you up to speed on how to find the best wood router, you might also want to know some of the most popular wood routers to look for during your next shopping. Let me help you cut down the chase; here are top-notch wood routers you should consider during your shopping;

1. Dremel 335-01 Plunge Router Attachment (Fixed Base)

When it comes to handling small scale projects such as jewelry containers and document cases, no other machine does this job best like the Dremel 335-02 Plunge router. This router is designed with a inch bit that ensures the job is done to the letter. In addition, the device is tailored with a three-horsepower fixed-base router to provide sufficient supply of energy. The plunge-router adapter is also supported for use with the Dremel rotary gears (models 275, 285, 395,398 and 400). This models can fit to 1/8 inch diameter bits hence you can save extra dollars on purchasing a one job machine.

2. PORTER-CABLE 7538 Speedmatic 3-1/4 HP Plunge Router

It is hard to talk about commercial cabinet building without mentioning the 3-1/4 HP plunge router. PORTER-CABLE 7538 router is designed with a 3-1/4 hp suitable for use with moulding and shaping bits. Durability is another feature that goes hand in hand with this router. It has a 15-amp motor which provides the energy and sturdiness essential for the hardest jobs. In addition, it has an auto-release collet organization that enables you to exchange the bits after usage. This machine is not complete without a depth rod with a six-way adjustable turret that facilitates steeped or recurrent plunge nicks. This plunge router is finalized with 3-inch plunge-range accuracy as well as an aluminum motor covering and base.

3. Milwaukee 5615-21 (Fixed Base)

There is no better way to embrace style than by having Milwaukee`s prolific design. Milwaukee enables you to do your cutting in a more reassuring and efficient manner. Milwaukee 5615-21 router has a rubber grip and strap on its body to enhance easy handling. To facilitate its usage, it has a heavy and threaded rod that alters efficiently throughout its entire range. In addition, it has a quick release button for faster and efficient alterations. Its depth adjustment can be done from the base – appropriate for changing bit height when your router is mounted in a table. The only one outstanding downside of this machine is the absence of a variable speed. This can pose a challenge to you especially if you intend to use larger size diameter bits. However, Milwaukee is working on new machines with more efficient electronic variable speeds.

4. Bosch 1617EVS (Fixed Base)

The big difference between the Bosch and Milwaukee is perhaps the handle design. Otherwise, Bosch 1617 has a threaded shaft for depth adjustment just like the Milwaukee. Bosch`s clear-finished wood holder may not be that good’ like the Milwaukee`s rubber plated handles. If your woodwork involves more of shallow drilling, the Bosch 1617EVS can really help you. It has a short rod that is suitable for making not-so-deep cuts. It also has 3 depth ranges to make up for the short shafts although you might find it cumbersome to make large adjustments with it. With Bosch 1617 EWS, you can use larger diameter bits since it has a variable speed.

5. Makita RF1101 (Fixed Base)

You might be deceived to dismiss Makita RF1101 based on its rather small size, but trust me; Makita is much efficient than you can imagine, it is designed with a body thread plan that is efficient for speedy alteration as well as motor removal. In essence, a complete turn of the motor casing is adequate to remove the tool from its range. If you are looking for a high grade router with the right caring system, look no further than Makita, it has a top-fixed toggle button that is dust-proof. It also has six-range speed dial on its top that relates every speed level with engine rpm as well as very accessible brushes for ease of use.

Combo Router Kits

1. Bosch 1617EVS Router Kit

If value is your secondary tag, Bosch 1617EVS router kit is unquestionably your ‘bedmate’. This is a high performance router kit that is engineered with the greatest impression to provide you with unsurpassed service. The Bosch router kit has a variable-speed motor that starts slickly and performs in good health under a load. This router functions well especially when used in the fixed/immovable base. However, you can reach its maximum efficiency by using it in the plunge router base.

2. Milwaukee 5616-24 Combination Router Kit

If you are looking for a durable combo router kit, Milwaukee will serve you best. It has a strong and lifelong motor with a light and tolerable weight especially on hands. While this router might be somehow more costly than the Bosch model, it is worth the charge.

3. Hitachi KM12VC Combo Router Kit

If you are working on a modest budget, Hitachi KM12VC can really work with for you. Some of its outstanding features include a smooth 2-1/4 hp router, a hard-sided carrying housing and a five year product guarantee. This router costs much less compared to most other top rated models though it still does a commendable job. On its downside, it lacks some of the thoughtful characteristics associated with most other top-notch models.

4. Porter-Cable 893PK Router Kit

If there is any combination router kit that is worth extra charge, it is the porter-cable 893PK. This is one of the most expensive routers you can find in the market. It has extra-powerful features to make up for the extra cost hence worth the extra cash. This router has a 12-Amp engine that features a round-the-clock electronic feedback for maintaining the motor speed even under harshest applications. It also has a 6-sided adjustable turret for making repeated plunge cuts. Porter cable is designed with a dual-switch that enables you to stop power while still controlling the router operation. Its plunge base features include machined brass brushing as well as a steel guide to enhance a smooth and controlled plunge stroke.


Buying the best wood router would not only improve your woodwork efficiency but will also improve your business fortunes. Start improving your commercial opulence today by purchasing the most precise wood router.

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