Get The Most Out Of Engineered Flooring!


Engineered Flooring3I recently decided it was time to get hardwood floors in the house, but I needed to make sure that it was an engineered flooring since we had concrete sub flooring.

It was actually quite the benefit. Engineered hardwood flooring give us so many more options for designs. Designs that were truly very intriguing.

The problem was, often times when you’re looking for a company to take care of all of your needs for a home improvement task it can get pretty damn hectic.

That and this wasn’t just any home improvement job, we were replacing over 800 ft.² of flooring in our downstairs living area. That means there was going to be an extended amount of time where everything in the house was in total chaos! I was trying to make this time as less as possible.

Now, I never had any problems with replacing flooring simply because I have never done it before. I’ve had friends and I even had relatives that have had difficult times getting this simple task done and it snowballed into a longer stressful time period then it really needed to be.

Luckily, for us it wasn’t hectic. The folks we went through to get our flooring done made it actually quite simple. So, what I wanted to do was take this time to recommend how you should go about it if you’re facing a similar project coming up.

Ya’ gotta see the wood.

First, we had to get a good idea of what we wanted our living area to look like. With so many options out there this was probably the most difficult process of the whole thing.

We sat there on the site looking at many different samples and images and pictures of what the actual finished flooring looks like; once I saw the engineered Tiger wood with the stripes and that color scheme, I knew absolutely that was the one that I wanted for my house!

Pick your company wisely.

I hope for you that’s a given.

I made sure these folks were accredited and checked their reviews. Honestly I couldn’t have been happier. I recommend you take the time to know who you are buying from just like I did. You don’t need to go with who I used but for me it made sense. You could really use any site.

Brains! Brains!

All zombie jokes aside, if this is your first time doing a project like this don’t be afraid to pick their brains. Ask as many questions as you can think of. When we went with iFloor, I made sure I got as much help as I could get. So, once I had figured out that it was that Tiger wood flooring that I wanted I called them right up and they helped me tremendously!

I spoke with one of the salesmen there who walked me through what was going to happen with our order as well as the steps of installing it once we got it to the house. They even offered help with installation.

Once again, if you find your self working on a flooring project like this do your research. Take the time to get what you want, and get all the help they are willing to offer. Because when it comes to engineered flooring you want to make sure you do it right.



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