Getting The Correct Basement Flooring Is So Important


basement flooring3When it comes to choosing your basement flooring it is important to think in some detail about what the room is going to be used for.

The basement is a unique room in the house due to a whole host of different circumstances, so making sure that you have the correct floor laid really is very important.

The materials

First, we should look at the range of materials that are available and you do have a number of different options to check out.

With this floor, you can choose from various stone tiles, engineered wood, laminate, and of course carpet and the one that you end up selecting can be determined by what you plan on using the room for.

Within each possible material you do of course also have more options with varying types of stone used for tiles, different thickness of carpet, and of course various types of wood.

The best advice is to select the material and then think more about how the flooring is going to tie in with the designs that you have in mind for the rest of the room.

Important points to consider with basement flooring

There is more to choosing this flooring than just selecting something that you like. Instead, you need to be very practical with this room due to potential issues with dampness and even limited ventilation. Is the room hot or cold?

This question will help you to decide if carpet is the warmest option or if wood or laminate will work well. Is the floor level?

If it is not level, then wood and stone tiles may be difficult to get even. Is there a potential moisture issue? If so, then is carpet really going to be your best option? In this instance a material that is easier to dry with a mop would certainly be better.

Finally, you also have to think about how much traffic it has to cope with as this can help you to determine how hard wearing the flooring has to be.

There is no point in buying something expensive if it is just going to be worn out and look trashy in next to no time, or if it is going to be potentially damaged by a water issue either.

Think carefully about what the room will be used for and get a flooring material to match.

As you can see, there is more to flooring your basement than just choosing something that you like the look of. Be practical and honest with yourself and even if it is not your number one choice go for the basement flooring option that will stand the test of time.



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