How To Keep Your Hardwood Floor Looking Like New


microfiber cloth for floors3When we first moved into our new home, the sheen on the new hardwood floor in the great room was magnificent.

The pine planks had been stained and finished with top quality materials. We were thoroughly pleased with the way it looked.

Six months later, that beautiful sheen had disappeared. The floor was dull with residue build-up from frequent mopping, made necessary by two kids and two dogs running through the room innumerable times each day.

What was once the most beautiful feature of the house looked ordinary.

Dulling residue

After doing some research, I discovered that I had been cleaning my hardwood floor the wrong way. I had been using general floor cleaners diluted in water, not realizing that the cleaners would build up a layer of residue.

Not only that, but the water itself was causing damage as well. I had been sweeping the floor with a broom; again, that was the wrong thing to use on the floor.

It was time to rejuvenate my beautiful floor. But how was I going to do this?

The first step was to remove all the residue that had built up on the hardwood floor. To do this, I used a microfiber cloth and a cleaner from the hardware store that was designed specifically to remove detergent residue from hardwood floors.

I did feel a little better knowing I was obviously not the first person to have this problem if there were special cleaners designed to resolve it.

It was a slow process because I had to get down on the floor and clean it one section at a time, but finally it was done.

The floor was clean and free from residue but where was that beautiful sheen that had first attracted me to the hardwood floor? It turned out there was a second step. The floor needed to be polished.

Applying the polish was another slow process. Not only did it have to be done in sections, but it had to be applied in the direction of the planking, with the grain of the wood.

It was the middle of winter, but I had to do it with the windows open because the label of the polish clearly warned about the consequences of using it with inadequate ventilation.

Don’t let it happen again

Once the polish had dried, my floor looked brand new again. I resolved to make sure I used the proper cleaning supplies so that I didn’t build up a dulling residue again.

I also bought a floor cleaner that used a soft microfiber cloth to dust the floor, and used that instead of a broom.

The result is that a year later, my beautiful hardwood floor still looks brand new!



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