How To Use Lathe Tools When Woodworking


Lathe Tools3Lathe tools are extremely important when doing woodworking projects.

But what’s even more important is knowing which lathe tool you need to use for what purpose.

Here are are some easy explanations of some of the most important woodworking lathe tools and how they should be used.

The Roughing Gouge:

The roughing gouge is a large chisel that has a U shaped profile and a rounded nose.

This gouge has one main purpose: to remove the majority of the wood when the lathe is turning.

Using it’s rugged square cross section, it rounds your spindle and creates a rough cylinder. There are other lathe tools that will do the same thing for you but none of them will do it with the efficiency of the roughing gouge. It’s normally used during the first stages of a woodworking project.

The Skew Chisel:

This tool is normally used for smoothing, making intricate v-cuts and trimming. It’s a much smaller tool in comparison to the roughing gouge with an angled flat edge.

Though it’s a very dynamic tool, it should not be used for all purposes. It’s also one of the more dangerous lathe tools, so you should use it only when needed

The Parting Chisel:

The parting chisel is a sharp, diamond shaped chisel. It allows you to set the depth of your cuts and the sharp edge is ideal for making detailed trims and for cutting off the ends of projects

The Rounded Nose Chisel:

The Rounded Nose Chisel is used for making scallops and groves in your wood. It’s very similar in shape to the Roughing gouge.

However, unlike the roughing gouge, the rounded nose chisel is used for more detailed and delicate carving. So, use it accordingly.

The Bowl Gouges:

The Bowl Gouges typically have deeper flutes that roughing gouges and can remove material much quicker. They are normally used for turning bowls and hollows because of their particular shape and structure

The Scrapers:

The Scrapers are a bit different from the other tools in that it has a flat back and a beveled face. They’re generally used to help you clean up your project after you’ve used a gouge.

There are two types of tools that are referred two as scapers in woodworking. One of them is known as the cabinet scraper.

This lathe tool is used to create a fine finish on slightly curved or flat surface. The other is called a lathe scraper which is used to create fine finished on curved surfaces.

Use a lathe can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it’s important that you have an excellent knowledge of how the machine works.

So, knowing the various lathe tools and their specific purposes is a key step towards creating woodworking projects that you can be proud of.



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