Ideas For Refinishing Wood Furniture


Re-Upholster3Don’t throw away your old wood furniture, or cave in to the temptation to sell it as cheaply as possible in a garage sale.

Refinishing your old wood furniture is a great way to give it new life and freshen up your home décor. Check out these great ideas for giving your old furniture new life.


Do you have a great piece that would be fine except for it’s ugly or worn out upholstery? There are a lot of easy ways to redo the upholstery on your old furniture.

Take, for example, an old armchair that still has great structure, but an ugly or worn out pattern. Instead of tossing it, buy some great fabric remnants on the cheap and use spray glue (available at any office supply store) to create a custom fit slipcover.

Voila! New upholstery, and everyone will think you spent big buck on a new chair–when in fact, it was an inexpensive and easy update!

Paint and Stencil 

Got an old coffee table that needs a refreshing makeover? Try painting and stenciling it to give a boring wood table a fashionable new look! Start by sanding it down, which can be done quickly and easily with a power sander.

Then prime it (any color primer will do), making sure to use a sandable primer in an aerosol spray can. Once the primer is dry, lightly sand the table.

Now you’re ready to apply your base coat–I recommend using spray paint or pigmented lacquer. Let the base coat dry, lightly sand the table again, and then apply a second coat.

Don’t sand the final coat; just let it dry, and you’re ready to apply your stencil. Craft stores everywhere have lots of stylish stencils you can use, so select one that fits your personal preference.

Fasten the stencil to the top of table with painter’s tape, then spray the stencil in the color of your choice. Let it dry and then remove the stencil. You have a beautiful new table at an inexpensive cost!

“Antique” With Paint

You can also create an antiqued look with paint. Select your piece (I recommend trying a wooden chair), apply a stripping agent and scrape off the finish.

Brush off the paint that remains, then sand the piece thoroughly. Apply your primer (see the tips above) and then sand once it’s dried.

Now is the time to start creating your “antique” look by adding some character. Use some 150-grit sandpaper to sand through the finish entirely in a few select spots (be creative!) to give the chair more of a worn look.

Add your layer of color, carefully blocking off the places where you do not want color to show through. This contributes to your “antique” look.

Finish off the piece once it’s dry by spraying with a clear finishing coat. Let it dry and then find a place of prominence to display your new piece!

These are just a few of the ways to give old pieces new life. Your old wood furniture deserves a second chance, so try refreshing it using some of these techniques!



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