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Jet Lathe3Jet Lathe JWL 1221VS For Woodworking

This 12″x21″ variable speed wood lathe is definitely one of a kind. It’s different from anything you’ve heard of, ever.

The design is better, the features are better, your entire experience is better! What does this lathe focus on? That’s right. Control.

Why we like it: Quite simply, the Jet 1221VS rocks! It may be a little pricey compared to other mini lathes, but they do not hold a candle to the power, the functionality, or the ease of use that this lathe has. Why we don’t:Oh darn, you can’t listen to AM radio…what a setback!

The JET 708360/JWL1642EVS

This electronic, variable-speed wood lathe is capable, durable, and valuable! Its versatility on its sliding head-stock, capacity for large spindle (or bowl) projects, and electronic variable speeds make this lathe ideal for the novice and the serious turners alike! If you are looking for a lathe that is a smooth operator, quiet and vibration free, and heavy as they come, this is the lathe for you!

Why we like it: This lathe is a great, heavy piece of machinery! It is just as smooth as it is quiet! It has awesome safety features like the guard that covers what you are working on!

Why we don’t: Please let us know if you come across an issue with this lathe!

The Jet 708352/JWL1236 Lathe

This lathe offers a 12″ swing, 3/4 HP, 115V, 1 phase precision. The 708352 features a heavy duty cast iron bed which adds stability while also limiting vibration during use. Its handy indexing mechanism allows you to quickly and efficiently flute and vein operations.

Live center has a pin that is removable, for boring though stock. The cam lock mechanisms allow you to adjust head-stock and tail-stock.

Why we like it:To wood workers who already know about the reputation Jet products hold, the merit of this 12″ lathe should come as no big surprise! The motor on this beast is pre-wired for 115V, and fully encased in metal housing, which means it will last longer! The heavy gauge steel components give rigid support! It pivots 90 degrees, to make outwork turning on large projects a breeze. The hollow tail-stock allows for longer hole bores, and houses a live center! Not something you find very often in competition lathes!

Why we don’t:It is actually kind of lightweight. If you are planning on doing any large projects, you may want to consider building on a base and adding weight to it (like a bag of rocks or sand), other than that it is a great Jet lathe!



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