Modernize Your Home With Wood Paneling


wood paneling3If you are looking to remodel your home, or give a room some extra dimension, consider adding wood paneling to the walls!

Paneling has been around for many years and can give your home a warm and elegant feel.

It is very versatile and can be used to create many different looks and styles that will scream your personality and make your guests feel comfortable at home when they come to visit you.

The Modern Look:

If you have perused modern architecture magazines lately, you probably have noticed that wall panels have made a comeback in interior design.

These panels come in many colors and patterns and add texture to your otherwise bare walls.

In modern times, panels are mainly used to create accent walls near large picture windows and other areas in which you want to create a focal point.

Wood panels can be stained or painted in any color of your choice, or can be left plain to give your home a natural feel.

Rustic and Beautiful:

The use of reclaimed wood is a growing trend in America as it has character all of its own and is considered “green” as you are recycling materials that have already been manufactured.

You can do your part to save trees and other resources by finding some beautiful reclaimed wood to add paneling to your home.

Paneling can be created from just about any wood source as it is simply very thin cut wood boards.

If you are looking to create a rustic feel in your home, find wood from old barns or old doors…and if you are lucky, it will still have left over paint fragments on it to add a touch of color and beauty!

Many Choices:

Paneling comes in many forms, so before committing to a project, you will need to decide which kind best suits your needs.

It can be found at most home improvement centers and comes in straight boards and snap together pieces. You can also create your own paneling by cutting wood into very thin slats.

You can easily add some height to otherwise low ceilings by adding some vertical paneling to the walls as the lines make your eyes move up the wall.

Home remodeling is an exciting time in which you can recreate the spaces in your home to show off your personality.

If you have decided to take a leap of faith and redesign your home, look beyond just painting the walls and consider adding some modern and beautiful wood paneling.



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