No Matter How Tiny Your Kitchen, You Can Enjoy A Kitchen Pantry


kitchen pantry3Not every one has a kitchen pantry mainly because of perceived space constraints within the kitchen.

Pantries are also a little bit ‘olde worlde’ and for a long time were not that popular within modern kitchens.

A Pantry is More Versatile Than You Think

Pantries come in all shapes and sizes.

Some kitchen designs within homes have built in pantries which are a separate room to the kitchen.

Others were once broom cupboards that have been redesigned and made new into stunning kitchen pantries.

Even Tiny Kitchens can Have a Pantry

Even if you do not have any space at all, a kitchen pantry can also be attached to the wall. These can be made in the design of your choice. For a while, the distressed country cottage look was very popular.

These were basically sizable shelves, with doors and chicken wire across the front so that you could see the foodstuffs on the shelves.

This also creates a beautiful display and today they remain popular but in more designs and styles than before.

Whatever you space situation and your needs there is a kitchen pantry solution for your kitchen. Even if it is very small and you go with the cabinet type mentioned above.

These can even attach to the wall for a great space saving solution as well as adding a functional area and dash to your kitchen.

Adding Dash and Flair to Your Pantry

People are realizing that arranging your food in an attractive way can even make the food laden shelves look like art, unlike in the old days when kitchen pantry doors were closed.

The trick to adding style and flair to any pantry is to arrange food in order of type. For example all boxes of cereals and box type foods will go on one shelf. Cordial drinks and bottles on another.

There are great pantry storage canisters available that will not only serve the purpose of storing flour or rice, but also match your kitchen décor as a stunning accessories.

Even Well Arranged Food Stuffs Can be Design Worthy

When the food is arranged neatly and also the ingredients you would use more frequently at eye level, you can start to have some fun with your pantry. Adding old fashioned scales is a great idea. Buckets from antique shops and other knick-knacks.

Strings of onion and garlic look great dangling from a pantries walls. Bowls of fruit and even flowers can get your inner Nigella Lawson inspired.

New Age Pantries

Make sure, if your pantry is a walk in one, to add a sturdy shelf. This can serve as another work-top. As well as a place to store your food prep items, like blenders or coffee machines.

A kitchen pantry can turn out to be a highly attractive kitchen space and add real value to your home over all.



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