Parquet Flooring Primer


parquet flooring3Often, people assume that parquet flooring is a type of wood or material.

Parquet simply means wood flooring designed in a geometrical pattern.

This type of flooring is often quite popular because of its design and variability.

Although it is wood flooring, it does have different properties and methods of manufacturing making it unique compared to many other types of wood flooring options.


Check out pictures of home flooring from the 1970’s and many homes with wood flooring had parquet floors.

Since the 1990s, this type of flooring is making a comeback as people return to a natural looking home decor. There are various geometric designs, but herringbone seems to be the most popular design.

Wood Used

Almost all types of wood are used for parquet floors. The most popular are oak, walnut and maple. These woods outlast the less expensive pine and cedar.

For those wanting a more luxurious wood, mahogany and beech are often employed in the making of the parquet design flooring.

For those looking for a more green ecologically friendly material, bamboo is often used. Veneer is sometimes used for a less expensive type of parquet.

What To Look For

Choose a color and design that fits your home interior scheme. If your furniture is in a darker mahogany shade, a darker hue would be desired.

For a more natural look, bamboo might be a better choice. Consider where the flooring will be used. If it is in high traffic areas, a more sturdy wood, such as cherry might be preferable.

Also consider the pattern of the flooring. Patterns often include triangular, squares, triangles, lozenges, herringbone and viennese cross.

Why Pick Parquet

Parquet adds an artsy flare to a home’s design scheme and fits in with almost any decorating scheme. With a bit of creativity, floors can be patterned in different designs and patterns.

Other types of flooring do not allow for this creativity. As most type of parquet are made from wood, it is longer lasting and more durable.

With so many types of flooring, it is often difficult to chose just one type. Parquet floors adds variety and beauty while maintaining a floors durability. For a great flooring choice, chose parquet flooring for your home.



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