Peace Of Mind With Your Electric Saw


electric saw3There is almost no tool more important when building with wood than an electric saw. Making your cuts and smelling the fresh wood can turn your project into a pleasurable and relaxing experience.

Although an electric saw can be intimidating, once you get comfortable and understand how they work the electric saw can save time and aggravation to your straight cuts and angled cuts.

Of course safety is key when using any power tool so learning the safest way to use your electric saw is a good first step before you tackle your wood projects.

If you are building a gardening shed, installing wood floors, replacing base boards, door frames, or making boxes; below are some handy tips and tricks to using your saw safely and effectively when building or making crafts out of wood.

Straight Cut:

You will notice almost any electric saw comes with some type of guide. Some have a laser that shows where the blade should be to stay in a straight line, some just have markings on the metal guide the blade sits in.

A good way to ensure a professional, absolutely straight cut is first determine where your cut will be made, with a pencil mark along the line of your cut and then measure again (measure twice, cut once).

Once you have established where your straight line should be, place your saw blade right on the line. Then take a straight edge or even a 2×4 and clamp it from one end of the piece you are cutting to the next making sure it sits firmly against the metal guide or plate of your saw.

This way when you start cutting the guide on your blade will follow the straight edge and not veer off in another direction and ruining your project.

Angled Cuts:

Most people are intimidated by angled cuts and yes, they can be tricky. Until you understand how they work of course. Angles are used for lots of different applications.

You would need an angle if you are cutting trim pieces for doors or baseboards. Making boxes require angles, frames and the like.

Saws often have a screw adjustment to angle your blade with and usually have a great range in the angle it’s capable of.

Once you figure the angle you need and you set the blade on your saw it’s fairly simple to cut through the wood you are working on.

You can use the same technique as the straight cut to manage a straight angle cut or you can cut by the saw guides if that is more comfortable.

So the guidelines to follow for using your electric saw is safety first, understanding your project and the cuts needed to accomplish them (think them through) and of course measure twice, cut once!

I ensure that once you are comfortable with your saw and how it works, you will quickly learn its many uses and the projects you take on will become more of a leisure activity instead of just work.



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