Should I Buy A Mini Lathe?


Mini Lathe3A mini lathe is an excellent precision machine tool to have at home.

These smaller versions of their industrial counterparts can be used to shape all kinds of materials from simple metals to wood and plastics.

They are ideal for model makers, inventors, engineers, mechanics and all manner of hobbyists, but is it ideal for you?


If you are serious about using a mini lathe then you will find that it has many advantages. When you become skilled in it’s use you will be able to fabricate many precision pieces of incredible complexity that simply aren’t available commercially.

It can be used for cutting, turning, grinding and metal spinning. As you would expect, a mini-lathe is smaller and lighter than a lathe. It can be used at home in your garage or workshop and is a lot cheaper than it’s industrial big brother.

This opens up a whole world of possibilities for you. It can be used to create jewellery, fine art, models, clocks, watches, pool cues, baseball bats and even telescopes!

The feeling of satisfaction you will get from creating a detailed and finely crafted piece is second to none.


As with all power tools, you will need to have a certain level of competence to operate it. If you think you think you will become an expert at operating such a machine after a couple of days you are wrong.

It can take months to achieve a level of competence to produce simple parts that are otherwise available commercially.

To produce precision instruments or detailed pieces can prove to be very time consuming and will take a great deal of practice, not to mention money.

You will go through a lot of raw materials before becoming fully competent in use of the lathe. If your project involves hard materials or has a large diameter or length an industrial lathe is more suitable.

Take the Next Step

The benefits of a owning a mini lathe are numerous.

If you are patient, safety conscious and skilled in your craft you will find that it is an invaluable piece of equipment that will bring hours of enjoyment and really help you move onto the next level in your field of interest.

It is not a machine that should be purchased on a whim, but if you are serious about your work a mini lathe could be the best investment you ever make.



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