Solid Wood Doors Are Nothing Short Of Breathtaking


Solid Wood Doors3Solid wood doors in their own right are nothing short of breathtaking.

There is something about their sleek simplicity that would work well in any home.

However, if this unfinished look is not for you, here are a few things you need to know to make your doors look like they just came off the warehouse floor.

Just The Right Color Of Stain

Visit your local hardware or paint store . Look through your options for wood stains and pick a color that you would be happy with. Just remember that the color on the color swatch may not be the exact color that your door will be after staining. You may have to add multiple coats.

You could also get creative and paint your days instead of staining them. This will give you more color options to choose from. Just makes sure that you choose a color that you will be able to live with. Doors are easier to repaint before you install them. Having to remove them and repaint them because you do not like the paint job will be difficult.

The Right Tools

Make sure that you have the correct tools to install solid wood doors . Doors are very tricky to install. Every house is different and every door is different, especially when it comes to wood doors. You will need to make sure you have a wood plain. A wood plain is used to shave off pieces of wood in small pieces until the door is the correct height.

Also, make sure that you have a powerful cordless drill. You will need the drill to put the hinges on the doors and then install the doors inside the doorway. Start off by charging your battery for your drill overnight. This ensure that you get the most time out of your drill that you can. It may be helpful to buy a back-up battery just in case.

Use a level while you are installing your doors to make sure each door is straight and even. You do not have to use one, however, no one wants to go back have to redo a door because your neighbor noticed that one was uneven.Taking your time to make sure each door is level will be the best route to consider.

Solid wood doors will be a perfect edition to any home. Just be sure that you are educated and knowledgeable about how to install and paint the doors and you are on your way.



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