The Good And Bad With Wholesale Tools


wholesale tools3In recent years the wholesale store idea has taken off in spades. The concept is so refreshing that you can get the items you want or need at a fraction of the cost.

If you didn’t know, this also applies to wholesale tools. I can bet that no matter where you live in the US you can find a wholesale distributor near you.

Now of course like everything there is good and bad in this type of shopping including spending more than necessary when looking for small or single items. Below would be some things to look out for when tool shopping at a wholesale store.


Bulk is the name of the game. I believe this is the price you pay for paying a less price.

Wholesale stores mostly sell their items in bulk and you don’t have much of choice, so if you are looking for one chisel, this may not be the best option for you.

But if you are looking for a big pack of multiple chisels then by all means the wholesale way is the smart way.


Even though you can get your favorite brands of tools at the wholesale places, there are (like anywhere) options for off-brand tools that in some cases might not meet a standard that you are used to.

These will also come in bulk options and though the price might make you happy, you may end up with a box of broken tools when you could have gotten one long lasting tool at the same price.

Big Items:

Wholesale tools are not just small items sold in bulk, you can usually find big items at wholesale prices. It would be best to do some research before you head to the nearest hardware store and sink a bunch of cash on a new saw mill.

Wholesale stores just may have the same item, or better, at a lower price and may even offer more options than what you would get at a retail.

These are only some of the things to look for when shopping for your next tool or box of tools. Our tools are incredibly important and the purchase should not be taken lightly.

This also applies to online wholesale tools stores, of course the danger of low quality and hefty shipping prices are the biggest hassle when purchasing anything online; carefully research the company you plan to purchase from and look closely at ALL the fees.

Online stores are notorious for saving a bundle on the item itself then tacking on handling fees, processing fees and additional shipping fees.

Also look at the policies closely, many of these stores do not accept returns or if they do it can become a hassle with return codes and packaging requirements.

Don’t be duped by a good price. So, as you can see, wholesale shopping is not just limited to groceries and clothing. You can find big bargains and quality products when purchasing wholesale tools as long your smart about it.



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