The Importance Of Your Leather Working Tools


leather working tools3There is nothing more important in creating quality leather work than good training and skill; except your leather working tools! Every product line has a high quality and low quality options.

Of course, depending on what you are creating your leather for, either a fun hobby or to make a living, really depends on how professional the work needs to look and your leather making tools can make or break a piece.

The one thing with creating leather pieces is that you almost always only get one chance. Leather, once cut or branded, cannot be put back into its original state and you should know by now that leather is not an inexpensive medium.

Creating leather pieces can range from covering a car seat to personalizing a small wallet. Your options are so endless that once you get started you will quickly learn how much use your leather making tools will get.

The quality and variety of tools you purchase in the beginning can be the difference between a high quality, professional job or sloppy leather work and ruined leather.

Below are descriptions of different techniques you will need to tools for to create beautiful and lasting pieces whether just for function, works of art or both.


Hole punchers are an essential leather making tool. Holes are made in leather for lacing pieces together, closing pouches, lacing shoes and of course for decoration. Hole punchers come in a variety of sizes and styles.

You can purchase punches that require the heft of a hammer to make the hole or you can purchase a tool that requires your hand pressure to make the hole.


Carving tools also come in several sizes and styles and the most used leather making tool. They are used to take away different depths on the top of the leather to reveal the lighter colored and textured layers underneath.

This technique is mostly for decorating a surface by creating pictures but can also be used to take away layers of the leather to decrease its thickness making the layers easier to sew together.

Metal Die:

Die’s as a leather making tool works very much like a die in any other craft. These die’s have endless design options.

They come in letters, shapes and numbers and are easy to press into the leather with a hammer or even a die press. This can create a personal touch to an item with initials, names, dates or a shapes and symbols.

Of course what is mentioned here is only the tip of the iceberg to leather making tools and their functions. Other techniques not mentioned here include burning, stitching and slicing, there are wheels, irons, chisels, creasers, racers and shavers.

These are basic types of tools that under each subtitle we could add dozens of variations. The important thing to remember though is the quality of your leather making tools.

So, when considering a purchase of tools to design your leather research the quality of the brand you buy for memorable, long lasting leather pieces for gifts or to sell where someone will enjoy them for years to come.



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