The Jointer Planer: A Two – In – One Machine


Jointer Planer3A jointer planer is, essentially, two machines in one. A jointer is used to produce a flat, smooth surface along the length of a board.

The wood is fed along a metal table that has a rotating cylinder with sharp blades in its center; this cylinder shaves off the excess wood, making it even.

A planer makes the board an even thickness throughout its length; this is determined by the space between the cutter head and the bed surface the board rests on.

The planer machine is more complex, but it is easier to use, since the woodworker simply feeds the board into it, and the machine guides the board through.

How To Tell If You Need This Machine

These are the factors you need to consider; how rough is the wood you’re working with, and what type of finish do you want? Is the wood warped or twisted? Do you need the surfaces to be parallel? Are there nails, chips, or other imperfections along its surface? These problems can be solved by a jointer or planer – or both.

Which One Should You Buy?

Since jointers and planers do separate jobs, they can be purchased separately. You may find you need one and not the other, and thereby decide to save money by choosing only one.

However, most devout woodworkers find they eventually need to make use of the other machine, so it is a good idea to invest in equipment that does both jobs. Also, make sure you buy the correct size for your projects; it should be able to handle the thickest boards you use.

Where To Buy The Equipment

Most home improvement stores sell jointer planers. They can also be found online, or at eBay. Some people prefer to purchase them separately, making them less complicated to maintain; others would rather get the combination equipment, since they take up less space. You can choose whichever option suits you.

Thank goodness we live in the age of machines! A jointer planer is a lot easier to use than an axe and one’s judgment!



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