The Magnificent Mass Appeal Of Mahogany Wood Remains Strong


mahogany wood3Only one tree in the entire world produces the highly sought after mahogany wood that people desire for its lasting beauty and durability.

But not everyone knows what makes it so special or so expensive. Here is a brief tutorial to help you see the inherent value in this unique wood.


Mahogany is a tropical hard wood that is part of the chinaberry family.

The trees can reach incredible heights making them ideal for very lengthy boards that be incorporated in many large furniture items, like armoires, headboards, and period-inspired seating.

Americans will love the fact that the most valued species, Swietenia mahagoni, is indigenous to Florida and the Caribbean.

But this does not make it any easier to obtain. The Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species, or CITES, made it the very first tree to be listed as high-value.

This means it is endangered due to over harvesting and grows in areas protected from deforestation. Production and trade are diligently tracked and regulated.


All mahogany trees grow with relatively straight grains and very few unpleasant knots, gnarls, and voids that can be found in most varieties of pine, oak, and maple.

This almost supernatural occurrence makes it very desirable for furniture that will contain extremely detailed carving and turned woodwork.

When harvested, it naturally has as a slightly pink color, but it stains to a rich brown hue with red undertones. It is one of the few hard woods that looks even more attractive as it ages.

A piece produced one hundred years ago will still enjoy shining quality today if well cared for. For this reason, it is one of the most expensive wood varieties available.


Most commonly known for its adaptability in home furnishings, mahogany wood is also highly prized in the production of music instruments and can commonly be found in the backs, necks, and sides of acoustic guitars.

True musicians claim that when it is utilized in drum making, it yields a depth and warmth that cannot be replicated with other hard woods.

Mahogany is also extremely rot-resistant and stronger than many other hard woods, so boat builders like to use it for paneling and trim in luxury vessels.

Purchasing a piece made from solid mahogany is an investment to last a lifetime.

It will also be something that you can keep in the family and pass down for generations to come. The desirability of mahogany wood will never diminish as the years go by.



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