The Usefulness Of Wood Clamps In Woodworking


Wood Clamps3Sometimes we have a tendency to forget how important things are, even such items we really cannot do without, wood clamps are one of those things .

It’s only at times when we have to do without this tool that we realize how difficult building anything out of wood really is.

They are like the hands of a friend and if we don’t have them to hand, our work becomes a real struggle to complete.

The truth of the matter is that woodworking probably wouldn’t exist in the same way as it does without the clamp. The reason quite clearly is that a clamp holds the wooden elements together while you are building your structure.

Without the clamp it would all fall apart. Some might argue that there’s another solution, that is to connect the different parts together with glue in the same way that you would clamp them, then go on to work on your structure as you would if you were using clamps.

However whilst it is true that gluing the items together does a similar job of holding your wooden pieces in place. The problem arises once you are finished, removing the glue at this point can often prove to be awfully tricky, and even though you will probably be able to separate the pieces where necessary, it’s likely that you will find sticky and stubborn residue left behind which is impossible to remove.

The finished result would be that the beauty of the wood is tainted. Therefore your wooden structure is somewhat ruined.

A person once sold off all of the equipment in his workshop. He advertised and priced every item and tool individually. This guy received an enormous amount of requests for his wood clamps. This highlights the importance of clamps in woodwork. They really are an indispensable tool. It is important to understand the role they play when working with wood, and that if you want an excellent finished result, clamps are essential.

Any woodworker worth his salt will always know the importance of this humble little tool and will keep extra in stock, ensuring that he never has to manage without. You will find that clamps come in numerous sizes, and be able to purchase them in accordance with your individual projects. Having a stock of different sizes makes sense and as they are sold at very reasonable prices so you won’t need to lay out a lot of money.

You will find that if you fill up your tool cupboard or room with different sized wood clamps, your woodworking will be much more enjoyable, this will in turn ensures that you produce beautiful clean wooden structures.



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