The World Of Wood Veneer


Wood Veneer3Wood Veneer is used on a wide range of surfaces. Most people have some form of this type of wood in their home.

Anything from bookshelves to hardwood flooring can be composed of veneer.

All veneer refers to is thinly sliced pieces of wood that are glued down onto core pieces of other wood to create a plat finish.

How It Is Made

A veneer is consider to be a type of finish of a wood surface. In order to preserve that finish, the veneer is actually peeled off the truck of a tree or larger blocks of wood.

To keep the veneer appearance you actually have to slice through the growth rings of a tree and the tree must be at a particular angle.

There are tools that companies use to get the job done properly. A rotary lathe peels off the veneer and rolls it into one continuous roll.

This type of veneer is cut so quickly that the finish is less than desirable. So it is used for plywood where no one will need to see the what it looks like.

A half round lathe can actually pick up a log, raise it and move it around, to peel the best part of the grain.

Different Types of Veneer

The most common type of veneer is called paper backed wood veneer. Just like the name, the veneer is lined on one side with paper and the wood surface on the other.

When your go to purchase a wood entertainment center or a desk, often times they are covered in paper backed wood veneer.

Another type of veneer is wood on wood where two pieces of beautiful veneer are connected together. These two pieces are backed with what is called a utility grade wood backer on the back side of the 2 ply piece .

You would use wood on wood veneer for wood flooring in you living room or anywhere in your home.

Plywood is made out of sheets of veneer all connected together to make on thicker sheet of wood. Plywood can be purchased in different thickness and sizes depending on the necessity of the job.

Plywood is one of the most important pieces of wood . It is in the framework in every home across the nation

This is just a small portion of the world of wood veneer. Do you remember those older television sets that had the tube in the middle and were inset in wood, dials at all?! That wood finish out the outside was veneer.



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