Things To Consider When Buying Cheap Laminate Flooring


laminate-flooring3When you are looking for cheap laminate flooring, you should not settle for less or lower quality wood flooring.

It should not be all about saving money, but also about getting laminate flooring that is durable and of high quality.

As long as you know what to check on when buying, cheap laminate flooring can be the best buy.

It will also be a good idea to focus on the famous brands that have established a reputation for offering the best flooring.

One of the most common mistakes that many buyers usually make is failure to check on the locking mechanism of the flooring.

It is important to take your time and observe how the boards are interconnected to one another.

If you visit a shop whereby you are given sample of the laminate flooring without a way of testing the locking mechanism, you may want to move to the next shop as this may not be the best product.

The interconnection of the cheap laminate flooring should be seamless.

To test that, you will need to run your hands on the connection point to feel how seamless the interconnection is. If you come across affordable laminate flooring that has tendency of ledging, be sure to avoid it. This is because such flooring is usually not properly connected. Its sides are usually not as flat since one side is higher than the other.

The locking mechanisms of the cheap laminate flooring you buy should have thicker joints that are also strong. Its boards should also be able to engage easily to each other during installation without having to apply a lot of force to keep them together. Another important area of the laminate flooring that you should check is the surface texture.

Make sure that you obtain cheap laminate flooring that look like wood and have a wood grain design which deepens the color of the boards and makes the floor appear like real wood. Flat, plastic laminates may not be the best and therefore you will need to stay away from them. Go for those that have heavier texture as they make the flooring more slip resistant.

It is also imperative to compare a number of samples so that you can put them to test.

You can pour bleach on them to check if they stain, or you can also do the same by pouring mustard seed over them. To check if the samples are moisture resistant, pour water on them.

The joints in the cheap laminate flooring that you buy should not allow ingress of water that would eventually end up destroying the floor. You therefore need to make sure that the floor is either glued together when laid or has wax in the joints which forms a water-tight seal when the boards are pressed together.

You will usually find the laminate floors in a wide range of designs which provide a viable solution where carpet or wood can be inappropriate.



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