Use Your Imagination To Discover The Right Flooring Ideas For Your Home


flooring ideas3Are you looking for flooring ideas? Do you want something unique or are you content to use simple carpets or hardwood flooring topped off by area rugs?

Is tile more your idea of good flooring? You can choose any type of floor you want, even concrete flooring if you want it.

Ideas for Kitchen and Bathroom Flooring

Do you like the idea of stone? Porcelain tiles are easier to handle because you can spill things on them and it does not stain your floor.

Neutral stone or other types of porcelain are often preferable because these tiles are laid to last through the years.

There are also slate porcelain tiles that are extremely durable and ideal for a room that will have heavy traffic or things slid across it. Such as the laundry room or kitchen area.

If you want to add more style using tiles, why not consider smaller tile pieces and create a floor that has a mosaic appeal to it.

You can choose from a lot of colors and create anything you want. Ideal for a bathroom if you want to show your creativity in a small way before tackling a large kitchen floor.

Tiles are heavy, if you prefer, you can use vinyl tiles instead. There are a variety of colors and patterns available.

Some vinyl also gives you the appearance of wood flooring without the headaches or expense of it. It is also a lot easier to maintain than hardwood flooring.

In these areas of your home if you are concerned about slippery floors, you can use a slip resistant slate. It is a natural color of tiles that will not let you slip and fall when the floors are wet. It also works well near a doorway.

Living Room Flooring

Real wood is almost as popular in some areas as carpet. In others, it is preferred more. No one can deny the natural wooden beauty of hardwood floors in a living room.

You can choose a light or a darker colored wood for your home if you are concerned about it adding too much darkness to the area.

If you do choose hardwood floors, you may also like the idea of layering your rugs. For instance, use a large area rug that is neutral in color and then get a smaller rug to fit on to it. This smaller rug can have a pattern or color to make the floors pop and look great.

If you want durability and rustic appeal, have you ever considered using bricks for your floors? Bricks can create amazing patterns on your floor and they are virtually indestructible.

If you do not want rustic and prefer a more formal and trendy area, why not use marble tiles instead of wood, brick or natural stone?

There are many unique flooring ideas available, and the hardest part of getting it is for you to decide how you want it to look and feel when you come home.



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