What Every Woodworker Should Know About Lumber Prices


lumber prices3As with all raw materials, lumber prices can fluctuate, making it difficult for companies and professionals to secure project materials at a reasonable cost.

Fortunately, there are plenty of strategies that people can employ in order to get high-value deals on the wood that they need for small, medium and large-sized jobs. With the right shopping techniques, minimizing these costs is easy.

Cull Lumber

One of the quickest and easiest ways to save cash on your next woodworking project is by investing in cull lumber. This is lumber that has been separated from a supplier’s inventory due to some form of damage.

Buyers will often find pieces that are split, cracked or warped. If your project will allow you to work around these issues, this is a great way to reduce your spending.

In some instances, it is even possible to find cull lumber that has no visible signs of damage. In these cases, the cull lumber is merely the scraps that were left over after wood was cut for another customer’s job.

With the right tools, you can size these to fit your own project while paying a much lesser cost.

Shop Often And Build An Inventory Of Your Own

If you know that you are going to be working with wood often, then it is definitely a good idea to start building your very own stockpile.

This will allow you to take advantage of discount prices on common-sized boards such as 2x4s and 4x4s. Strategic cutting and stacking practices will help you to maximize your work and storage space.

When you need new boards, you can always check your own inventory first, which may prove far preferable to pulling through the cull lumber at your local lumberyard or hardware store in order to find reasonable lumber prices.

Check In With Local Suppliers On Delivery Days

When lumberyards and hardware stores get their new deliveries in, they will often discount some of the wood that hasn’t sold well from the last shipment.

This is an effective strategy for freeing up space for new products without taking a total profit loss. If you are attempting to build your own lumber inventory, this is definitely a strategy worth using.

You can stack up on discounted items all throughout the year, until you have a diverse range of options to pull from for your projects.

Re-purposing Old Wooden Structures

Reclaimed wood is becoming extremely popular among both woodworkers and builders. Not only can these materials be very durable and high in quality, but they can also lend to greater aesthetics.

Moreover, using these materials is a great way to adopt environmentally-friendly woodworking and building practices.

For every project that is made from re-purposed wood, you will be limiting your reliance upon natural resources. Thus, not only can you avoid major increases in lumber prices, but you can also do something good for the earth as well.



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