Where To Find Loft Bed Plans And Create A Great Kid’s Room


loft bed plans3You can make the most of a small bedroom by considering loft bed plans.

These beds are ideal for kids’ rooms where space may be limited and the size of twin bed simply takes up too much of the floor space.

By having a loft bed, you will be amazed at how much extra room you have.

What Are Loft Beds?

These beds are unique in the fact that they are raised like a bunk bed, but underneath rather than having another bed, you get pure floor space.

You can put a dresser under it or you can put a desk, shelves, toy boxes, or any other thing that you can imagine.

It not only keeps the bed off the floor, but it also keeps other bulky items out of the floor area as well, so that kids have plenty of room to play in their room.

Parents love the extra space and kids think it is cool to have a raised bed as well as a play room.

Where to get Loft Bed or the Plans?

You can look on the internet for plenty of plans for unique DIY loft beds. Beds that have dressers under them, desks, toy boxes or shelves built into the bed and around the wall under it.

These are all just ideas and you can choose the one that you like the best and add your own ideas to it if you have a creative mind as well as the ability to make it work.

You simply choose the design that you like and then purchase the materials that you need. It is easy and often free to use the plans.

If you are not a handyman at heart or a DIY kind of person you can purchase beds that are pre-built or easy to assemble.


Most plans are free, but you will have to purchase the building material if you are going to build your own.

If you choose to purchase a full kit that has already been cut you price may vary from anywhere to a couple hundred dollars to more than a thousand dollars.

That is why most people choose to try their hand at creating because the cost of the lumber and plans is a lot cheaper than purchasing a loft bed that is ready-made.

Building the bed from scratch is not hard. In fact, the hardest part of choosing the loft bed plans will be deciding which plans you like the most.



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