Why Teak Wood Is The Best Option For Your Patio Furniture


teak patio furniture3If you are ready to try your hand at crafting new patio furniture, you may want to consider the natural and aesthetic benefits of using genuine teak wood.

Although this material can be quite a bit more costly than other options, it is virtually guaranteed to provide great returns.

Whether treated or untreated, teak will weather well in nearly every environment.

More importantly, it can give your outdoor furnishings a beautiful and timeless appeal.

Keep Your Patio Furniture Right Where It Is

Teak wood is able to stand up to the elements all year round. Whether hot or cold, dry or damp, the local climate will have a very nominal effect, if any at all, on the look and integrity of the furnishings that you construct from this material.

Although it is recommended that woodworkers treat teak with a high-quality varnish, even unvarnished teak can produce durable structures that last.

This can mean a lot to homeowners who might not have the time or the physical ability to routinely store and pull out their patio furnishings.

It is possible to leave deck chairs and tables right where they are, even as the seasons change. Over time, exposure will cause unvarnished heartwood teak to develop a rich brown color that only enhances its natural appeal.

This is simply not the case with aluminum and lightweight plastic designs with cloth covers. These are likely to get blown about and to start showing the signs of wear and tear after just a few seasons.

Why Teak Wears So Well

Sustainable and true teak, which can be a challenge to find, is dense with its own natural oils. These oils help to protect the wood throughout the lifetime of teak products, making it less likely to suffer the ravages of moisture exposure and temperature extremes.

Because of this, genuine teak boards are usually straight, easy to work with and characterized by a distinct, oily feel.

Its dense grain is naturally resistant to rot and thus, it is not uncommon to find outdoor benches made from this wood that have been around for more than 100 years.

How To Buy Teak

Teak grows naturally within the rain forest, however, over-harvesting of this wood has led to major environmental concerns. For this reason, the best way to buy teak is by working with a reputable teak farm.

Buyers should do all that they can to ensure that they are not ordering this material from sources that have continued to pull their stores from deplenished areas of the rain forest.

Not only is this the most ethically sound way to invest in these materials, but it also gives consumers a greater guarantee concerning the wood quality.

This is because teak farms have very specific standards for the products that they sell and are often willing to back their teak wood up with solid guarantees.



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