Why You Should Consider Playhouse Plans Over Buying A Playhouse


playhouse plans3Every child loves a playhouse and now you can give them one and it is easier than ever before thanks to all the cool playhouse plans you can find on the web.

These plans are designed to be a step by step instruction manuals for how to build your child a playhouse that everyone in the neighborhood will envy.

Why Build Your Child a Playhouse?

Kids love to pretend. It really does not matter whether they are a boy or a girl. House is a fun game to play and there is no better way to encourage this love of taking care of a house than to give them a playhouse.

It can be as simple or as cute as you want for it to be. You can create it to look like a small version of your own home or you can make it totally unique.

Perhaps you and your child can look over the various plans available so that you two can choose the house together and you always have the option of handing them a paint brush to help put the finishing touches on it.

Where to Find Plans?

You can search through the internet to find plans for the perfect playhouse. There are many websites that offer free plans.

You can even find plan ideas on websites such as pinterest. If you do not have all the tools that you need to complete the job there can also be help from a local lumber yard that may cut the wood to the sizes that you need.

If you completely do not want to build your own playhouse using plans you can also purchase a playhouse that has everything you need in one kit. These designs maybe a little more decorative and frilly, which is ideal for a little girl.

The choice is yours and you need to not only find the right design for your child’s play house, but you also need to find the plans or kit that fit into your price range. Some home improvement stores also sell the plans for you to choose from.


Most plans are less than $15 dollars if you decide to purchase them. Then you will have to pay for the wood and other stuff to build it.

You can get plans of all types, including plans that have slides and swings hanging off from them if you want a raised tree house type playhouse for your son. If you want to purchase a kit you could expect to pay $1,000-3,000.00.

This is why the plans are such a popular choice for parents who want their child to have a playhouse. You choose the playhouse plans, and then you can cut corners as you need to and take as long as you want to invest the money into it.



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