Woodworking Bench: Which Benches Made It To The Top Of Our List


Woodworking Bench3Which woodworking bench made the cut? (Pun intended!) Before you go diggin’ into your pockets, make sure to read on to find out which benches your friends won’t give you hell for owning.

Weather you are setting up a new shop, or just looking to upgrade your old bench, below are the best of the best…we wouldn’t review anything we ourselves wouldn’t be caught dead with anywhere near our man cave!

The Lie-Nielson Workbench

This bad boy has been given a 5 star rating by all of us here. If you don’t have this one, you’re missing out. Period.

Here is why

:-The top is 4″ thick, 7′ long, and made of solid maple. There’s no skirt, no tool tray, just a lot of maple. (We like clamping stuff.)

-The front edge is flush to the front is true to the front of the 3″ square legs of the benchtop.

If you know anything about anything, you’d know how important this feature is when it comes to working the edges of boards.

-Did we mention the ENTIRE bench is made of beautiful, solid maple?

-The lower stretcher is flush to the front edge of the legs, as well as the benchtop–perfect.

Chances are, you spend more money yearly on electronics that wouldn’t last anywhere near as long as this baby will. Perks? It comes with over $700 worth of vices! It’s money well spent. You can even ask Chris Schwarz. He knows.

Priced at an amazing $2500, you can’t beat this deal, not with a stick and damn sure not with a hammer!
Out of your budget? Check this 4 star product out:

Woodcrafts Ww4-2v 4 Station Workbench

This guy comes with two vices included. Workbench stands at 32″ tall. It is also made of maple: Top. frame, and legs are constructed of 2.25 thick, frame.

This workbench has a large work surface and lots of storage space on the lower shelf as well! If you can’t afford the best, why not chose the second best? You don’t want to pay for crap. This bench is half the price of our top pick, checkin’ in at only about $1500. Not too bad, huh?

Keep me away from maple, my wife will kill me! Okay, okay. If you can’t do maple, check out this bad-ass bamboo workbench for half the price:

Gladiator Garage Works: Bamboo Workbench With Base Cabinet Kit

The Gladiator is a 66.5″ Bamboo Modular Bench. It’s perfect for those looking for sturdiness, and a el-natural work surface.

The 28′ Modular Gear Box is a great combination of doors and drawers, and we love doors and drawers…am I right?! Keep all your large and small hand tools here. Anyway, comin’ in at 3rd place, this bench is half the price at only $625.



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