Working With Band Saws


Band Saws3Band saws are marvelous electrical devices that take a lot of sweat and headache out of woodworking.

In the past, a person had to manually cut through the hardest of woods, struggling for accuracy.

It could take several minutes to saw a board; a band saw can whip through it within seconds, and cut a straight line with minimal effort.

It can also cut curved lines and holes with little planning, let alone work.

Types of Band Saws

There are 3 types; large ones that stand on the floor and are housed in cabinets, smaller units that are mounted on stands or bench tops, and portable saws.

Their sizes are determined by the throat, which is the space between the blade and frame (this determines the width and depth of the cut) and motor horsepower (the larger the saw, the greater it is).

How To Determine What Type To Buy

Generally floor standing cabinet saws are used by professionals, so unless you’re doing large scale projects, you can get by with a smaller model. If you have a wood shop, a stand or bench mount saw will do; if you don’t, you may want to purchase a portable one, so you can easily take it to any site.

The size and horsepower of the saw you buy depends on what type of projects you have in mind. The most important thing to consider is if the Throat will suit your needs. Engine horsepower is also important, but not as much since you should refrain from using maximum speed to cut through metals and thick plastics.

Other items you should invest in; a metal table that can tilt up to 45 degrees, so you can do angled cuts; a miter gauge to aid in cross cutting, and a rip fence for ripping and re-sawing. Some saws come already equipped with these.

Safety In Set Up And Use

When assembling your new band saw, make sure you follow directions exactly, especially when making adjustments. The last thing you need is to have a blade break in the middle of a project, especially since you could be injured in the process. Refer often to the owner’s manual for proper usage.

With the right choice, setup, and use, you can enjoy your equipment for many years. Band saws are among the safest, most versatile machines available.



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