Working With Exotic Wood


Exotic Wood3Woodworking is a fun hobby, and building with exotic wood makes it even more enjoyable.

Most varieties are hardwoods, and come from countries outside the United States, mainly tropical regions.

The American types tend to be burls, or have unusual patterns; these features make them as expensive as their foreign counterparts. Hundreds of assortments exist.

What Can Be Created With Exotic Wood?

It can be used for virtually any item that is to be displayed. Musical instruments are often made of special types of wood, depending on what quality of tone they can produce.

It is also used for boxes with inlaid patterns or pictures, some types of jewelry such as necklaces or rings, dishes and eating utensils, furniture, artwork including wall clocks, pens, tool handles, fancy book covers, even chandeliers. In expensive homes, it is used for floors, creating fancy patterns with the various colors.

Beautiful bookcases have been made with them, complete with ornate carvings. While kitchen cabinets are usually made of less expensive wood, if someone really wanted fancy ones, it can be used to build them as well.

Factors To Be Aware Of.

While most wood varieties are non – toxic, a few of them are, especially if dishes and eating utensils are made with them. Some types irritate the skin, which is something to consider when choosing woods to make chairs, pens, tool handles, or musical instruments.

It is also important to bear in mind that all wood dust is harmful to the lungs, so it is best to wear a face mask whenever you’re doing work that produces sawdust.

This link gives a list of woods and their degrees of toxicity:

Where To Purchase It

You do not need to search the world to find exotic wood. Most hardware stores carry at least some varieties, so it is easy to find and purchase. It can also be bought online, so whatever type you specifically want, you should be able to obtain it. Even eBay sells an array of it.

You may want to practice creating items with a less expensive wood before spending a lot of money on materials. However, once you have achieved adequate skills, go ahead and invest in exotic wood – and you’ll be making beautiful, expensive items in no time!



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