You Can’t Top These Birdhouse Plans!


birdhouse plans3If your building a birdhouse you want to have the best birdhouse plans out there.

Whether you’re spending some quality time with the family or your significant other you want to find a fun way to mix it up from the boring routine.

Think about it when was the last time you actually made something with the people you love?

Its already spring and those birds are chirping practically giving you the chance to build the best freaking birdhouse that has ever existed!

Building a birdhouse is a pretty exciting way to get the family together and if you make the coolest one out there well you win bragging rights.

Hit the drawing board!

Now it’s time to start considering what separates the good from the great. Now if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want be caught dead just making a square wooden box with a roof on top then you need to get a bit more creative. When it comes to building even a birdhouse there is a ton of potential to be had.

Think about your plans, you could have a bird mansion hanging out side on your tree branch or perhaps a futuristic birdhouse with more of an oval shape made to be seen through. No idea is a bad idea, come up with three and then pick the best one from there.

Customize and design

Now that you’ve figured out what idea ha the potential to blow the completions out of the water it’s time to actually design it.

This is the time you want to figure out all the important parts; how wide will it be, how tall do you want it, will you need to be drilling any wholes anywhere? Sketch out your birdhouse plans and list the supplies you are going to need.

Preheat and prep the oven

Don’t take that phrase literately unless you know something I don’t. At this stage of the process you want to be getting all your supplies together.

Don’t make it to hard on yourself most if not all of what you need can be picked up at your typical hardware store. It’s also a good idea to make sure your measurements line up before putting it all together.

Some assembly required

It should go with out saying build from the ground up. Not mater if your using wood, plexiglass or any other type of material it will usually be best to start with your base level and build the birdhouse walls around it.

If you need any help along the way there are plenty of DIY sites that have areas for exactly this. Make sure you follow these basic guidelines for any birdhouse plans and you’ll have the best house on the block real soon!



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